This Visage walkthrough with no commentary is terrifying and very very good (video)

Visage walkthrough terrifying

This Visage walkthrough is terrifying

The new indie survival horror game Visage, developed by SadSquareStudio has been in development for a long time. Since its early 2016 Kickstarter campaign.

This week, Visage hit Steam’s Early Access, and fans are now going crazy over just how good this game turned out to be.

The Early Access of Visage allows you to play around four to six hours of the final game, with the rest of the content (another 80 percent or so) to be added once the game is complete.


The developers estimate that to be another four months or so — with February, 2019 as the projected release date.

That being said, Visage is already terrifyingly scary, and perfect if you love a good horror game.

Gamers that have played the Early Access version are giving the game very positive reviews. The vast majority say it is a game you should definitely buy and play.

If, like me, however, you are not good at playing horror games yourself (they terrify the living daylights out of me), but feel a bit removed from the action if you watch a walkthrough, then this SHN Survival Horror Network’s Visage walkthrough is definitely for you. (See video below).


An excellent Visage walkthrough with no commentary

After all, not only does his Visage walkthrough have no commentary, (who wants to watch a psychological sirst-person survival horror game walkthrough with some twerp babbling the whole way through it,and totally spoiling the atmosphere?), it is also very good.

That’s because he is slow enough that he takes in all the scary atmosphere, superb sound effects and gameplay, and thorough in his investigation of the house. But he still moves quickly enough that you are constantly on the edge of your seat.

And he completes the full Visage walkthrough for the Early Access content in just over an hour.

Watch SHN Survival Horror Network’s superb Visage walkthrough below. And be absolutely sure to watch the end of it!

Of course, there is not a chance in hell I will be buying that game, as I am far too much of a wuss. But, if you love survival horror and aren’t a complete coward like me, you can currently grab Visage on Steam for under 20 bucks.

That is a 20 percent reduction of how much the game will cost when it is eventually complete.

You can also check out some of the game’s current reviews here, just in case you are not sure if this one is for you.

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Michelle Topham