Vogue’s Stockholm Street Style: Knits, Boots, Sweaters and Wooly Socks – Cool Though

stockholm street style vogue


While I’m still boiling in toasty North Carolina, and my current home base of Bangkok is even hotter, Stockholm Fashion Week has just come to a close and, believe me, it was and still is a lot colder there both during and after Fashion Week.

That’s why Vogue currently has a fabulous ‘Stockholm Street Style‘ article up, showing Stockholm women in transitional knits, wooly socks, sweaters, boots and Acne Studios jackets.

The article includes a 16-slide slideshow and, yes, there are definitely women in pretty skirts and high heels, but Stockholm women are still wearing quite a few more layers than me or just about anyone else I know. Guess that’s what happens when you live in northern climes and Fall has all but begun, while some of the rest of the planet can’t seem to get rid of summer.

Do check out the Stockholm Street Style slideshow at Vogue, though, some of the styles Swedish women are currently wearing are fabulous. Then leave a comment below with your thoughts.

Michelle Topham