This Wandersong walkthrough has awesome voice acting and is family friendly (videos)

Wandersong walkthrough

This Wandersong walkthrough is fun and cool

Wandersong is a new side-scrolling adventure game from Canadian indie developer Greg Lobanov (Coin Crypt). It is a game that was initially Kickstarted back in early 2016, and has been in development ever since.

Wandersong is also an adventure game with a difference. Because, instead of trying to solve problems with a weapon, you solve your problems by singing.

In other words, it is most definitely family friendly, while also an excellent game for pacifists and musicians.


In Wandersong, you play as a bard who learns the goddess Eya is soon going to sing a song that will cause the universe to end, and then be replaced with a new one. While on his travels, however, he finds out if he collects pieces of a melody called the Earthsong, he can sing that song himself and cause the world to be saved.

Wandersong includes a huge cast of more than 150 incredibly cool characters, gorgeous artwork and animation, and one of the cutest and most family friendly storylines around.

This Wandersong walkthrough is so good

There is also an excellent Wandersong walkthrough currently out from YouTuber Zebra Gamer. His Wandersong walkthrough stands out so much because he is amazing at voice acting, and so really brings the story to life.

In fact, whether you are just looking for a walkthrough to help you finish the game, or want something fun to watch with the kids, Zebra Gamer’s Wandersong walkthrough will definitely keep you entertained.

Watch episode one in the video below. You can watch the rest of his game walkthrough on his playlist.


Learn more about Wandersong and its development from the game’s developer. And, of course, you can currently buy the game DRM-free on GOG.

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