Warner Bros Recreates ‘Friends’ Opening with Funko Toys, and It’s Cute (Video)


As I am currently binge watching every season of ‘Friends‘ on Netflix (for the 10th time), when this Warner Bros. ‘Friends‘ opening recreated with Funko Toys popped into my YouTube feed, I couldn’t watch it fast enough.


Come on, it still is the coolest and funniest sit-com made, and Funko toys are the best models ever.

The ‘Friends’ Funko toys opening was created by a social media team at Warner Bros., the production company behind the incredibly popular sit-com. And it faithfully reproduces the original ‘Friends’ opening segment, right down to the lamps and the ducks.

As for the ‘Friends‘ Funko toys the social media team used? You can still grab all of those on most major toy sites although, while the other ‘Friends‘ characters hover around the $10 to $14 mark, Funko Joey Tribiani is currently selling from $56.88. Well, he is holding the duck.

Watch the Warner Bros. ‘Friends‘ Funko toys opening below. Cute, eh?