Watch BBC Two’s ‘World’s Busiest Cities’ to see how tiny Hong Kong apartments are

Watch BBC Two’s ‘World’s Busiest Cities‘ episode 1 to see how tiny Hong Kong apartments are

I’ve spent time in Hong Kong and was shocked by how tiny most people’s apartments are. Not only that, but how expensive Hong Kong rent is as well, with people paying thousands of dollars a month for apartments half the size of my then apartment in Bangkok and now Vienna.

The new BBC Two series ‘World’s Busiest Cities‘ episode 1 visits Hong Kong this week, and shows just how cramped Hong Kong living is, with interviewer Ade Adepitan visiting a family of seven that all live in a very small two-bedroom flat.

Their solution to so many people living in such a small place? Installing two sleeping pods in the living room, which in effect is almost like having two extra bedrooms.

Adepitan then visits another Hong Kong resident who, after his relatives died, no longer had anywhere to live. So he now lives in a ‘cage community’ — basically an enclosed bunk bed in a tiny corridor that is shared by almost a dozen other people.

Watch the short segment from BBC Two’s ‘World’s Busiest Cities‘ Hong Kong in the video below. And be thankful, if you live in a city cheaper than Hong Kong (most cities are), and in an apartment that is reasonably sized.

The episode also looks at Hong Kong’s culture, business life, shipping industry, traditions, food and more. You can watch the entire episode on the BBC iPlayer.

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