Watch Bob Dylan’s Late Show with David Letterman Performance: Off-Key But Still Lovely

bob dylan david letterman

Today is the last day of the Late Show with David Letterman, as Letterman retires tonight. Last night, continuing on with bringing in the most amazing of all music acts to finish out his many years on the show, Dave had a true legend. Bob Dylan. On the Late Show with David Letterman, and singing ‘The Night We Called It A Day‘.

Last night was the first time Bob Dylan has been on Letterman since 1993, so how amazingly wonderful for Dave to get him back one last time and for we, the audience, to see him sing live.

As it happens, his performance was less than stellar in the vocal department, and, yes, out of tune in places. But…he is Bob Dylan, he doesn’t sing live that much, and it is lovely to see him no matter how he ends up sounding.


The Night We Called It A Day‘ is off Dylan’s latest album Shadows In The Night, and, of course, is a classic Frank Sinatra song. Watch Bob Dylan sing it below.


Michelle Topham