Watch Doctor Who in Historical Chronological Order – Series 1 Through Series 9

doctor who in historical chronological order

While Doctor Who is one of the best sci-fi TV series ever produced, it can get a bit confusing. What with all the time travel, the regenerations of each successive Doctor and, of course, the popping in and out of different times in history.

But, now, it doesn’t have to be, as a YouTuber by the name of Steven Richter has created a video that shows Doctor Who in historical chronological order.

Starting with an unknown time, long before the world even began, in the Doctor Who episode ‘Hide‘, and going right up to ‘Utopia‘ in the year 100,000,000,000.000, you can watch each regeneration of The Doctor pop in and out of history, bringing his companion of the moment along with him.

The Doctor Who in historical chronological order video covers many of the episodes in the new Doctor Who revival series, which kicked off with series 1 in 2005, and with series 9 ending a couple of weeks ago.

Episodes like ‘Tooth and Claw‘, which took place in 1879, ‘Vincent and the Doctor’ in 1890, where The Doctor and Amy Pond meet Vincent Van Gogh, and ‘Let’s Kill Hitler‘ in 1938.

If you want to experience Doctor Who as a non-time traveler who has lived for hundreds of millions of years, this fabulous video will help you do just that. Watch it below.