Watch Dogs Multiplayer Details Released by Ubisoft: Gamer is Always Aiden

Okay, this is an odd one.

We’ve all been wondering if the upcoming Ubisoft game Watch Dogs will have a multiplayer component as, let’s face it, a game this awesome would be a big hit for those who play well with others (that’s not me, by the way). Now a new blog post on Ubisoft’s blog addresses the issue and, yes, Watch Dogs multiplayer will be included in the game. But……. here’s where it gets weird.

Watch Dogs multiplayer, apparently, kicks in when you’re playing in multiplayer mode and you suddenly get an alert that Aiden Pearce, the main character of the game, is being hacked. It’s then up to the gamer to figure out where the hack is coming from and which NPC is doing it. Sounds normal so far? Sure.

But……think about it. The main character in the game is Aiden Pearce, the character every gamer will be playing. So, when you play a session of Watch Dogs multiplayer, every gamer is playing Aiden Pearce. So who is getting hacked? Huh?


How it sounds like Ubisoft has pulled this off (although details are still a bit sketchy) is, even though you’re Aiden Pearce you look just like a regular NPC to everyone else in the game. That means you, playing as Aiden Pearce can hack Aiden Pearce and then, whichever Aiden Pearce wins that segment of the multiplayer game (the Aiden Pearce doing the hacking or the one being hacked) wins.

Confused yet? I am. In fact, it’s doing my head in.

Ubisoft, for its part, is calling it ‘Always Aiden’. You’re Aiden, he’s Aiden, you’re both ‘Always Aiden’ but to each of you, while you see Aiden on your screen, your opponent sees just another NPC.

Read the Ubisoft blog for more details and see if  you don’t end up as confused as me.


Don’t forget, by the way, if this kind of Watch Dogs multiplayer sounds interesting (yep, it kinda does), you can currently pre-order the game at GameSpot.

Michelle Topham