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Watch Elle King sing ‘Baby Outlaw’ on Late Night with Seth Meyers — pity about the fake nasal twang

Elle King’s fake nasal twang on ‘Baby Outlaw‘ does nothing for me

American singer songwriter Elle King appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Tuesday night — February 26th, 2019 — with a live performance of her latest single ‘Baby Outlaw‘.

The track is from King’s sophomore studio album Shake the Spirit, and came with Elle King in a tight, striped pants suit looking more like a old-time convict than an outlaw.

“I’ve been runnin’ since the day I was born,” sang King. “I’m the definition of the one/ Shed a tear for each soul set free/But that’s what happens when you dance with me.”

Sadly though, I have to admit Elle King’s ‘Baby Outlaw‘ isn’t one of my favorite tracks from the talented country, rock and blues singer.

Not considering she seems to put on that fake nasal twang even more on this track than she does on others. Almost as if she is trying out a more stylized form of singing to see if it fits. (Hint: it doesn’t).

A shame too, as King’s voice is stunning, and her talent immense, without adding the annoying nasal twang to an otherwise fabulous song.

Watch Elle King perform ‘Baby Outlaw‘ on Late Night with Seth Meyers below. After all, while that fake nasal twang does nothing for me, you may think otherwise.

Keep up to date on King’s music on her website.

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