Watch Homefront: The Revolution Gameplay – 6 Minutes of Guerilla Warfare (Video)

Excited to get your hands on Homefront: The Revolution? Desperate to see some gameplay over the nice but, yeah, still trailers that have been released? If so, you’ll love this six minute video of actual Homefront: The Revolution gameplay.

It features some of the game’s vehicles, traps, weapons modding, explosions and, of course, a few guerilla warfare scenes between the Resistance and KPA forces in the Red Zone.


So far, I’m loving the voice acting, the graphics look nice and, if you liked Far Cry, Homefront: The Revolution definitely seems to play pretty similarly.

Yep, it’s guerilla warfare American-style against the massive high-tech weapons power of the Koreans. Can’t wait for this game.

Watch the six-minute Homefront: The Revolution gameplay video put out by the developers, Deep Silver Dambuster Studios below. The game itself releases in Spring, 2016, so we still have a bit of a wait.