Watch Larkin Poe Sing ‘Trouble In Mind’ Live on Conan — A Powerhouse Performance (Video)

larkin poe on conan

American rock band Larkin Poe performed their latest single ‘Trouble In Mind‘ live on Conan this week and, if you love women that kick ass, you will love these two.

Because Larkin Poe is made up of sisters Rebecca and Megan Lovell. A couple of women whose performances are always heavy on powerhouse vocals and incredibly strong electric guitar riffs, as well as really good harmonies.

And while it was Rebecca and Megan on their lonesome this week, the band usually also does include Robby Handley on electric bass, and Marlon Patton on drums.

Even with the missing band members however, Larkin Poe on Conan did not disappoint.

To such an extent, I might add, that once Larkin Poe had finished performing and Conan appeared on stage to thank them, it was interesting to see how he seemed so genuinely blown away.

Not surprising, as Rebecca and Megan Lovell are actually two quite petite, delicate-looking women, yet their vocals are absolutely massive.

Watch them below and, if you loved ‘Trouble In Mind‘, you can currently pre-order Reskinned, their upcoming new album. It releases on April 22nd.

Michelle Topham