Watch ‘Marauders’ Trailer — Who Are The Bank Robbers, Will FBI Agent Get His Prey?

marauders bruce willis

Bruce Willis’s latest movie ‘Marauders‘ just got a new trailer, and it’s a pretty exciting one.


Marauders‘ is a crime thriller that stars Christopher Meloni, Bruce Willis, Dave Bautista and Adrian Grenier, and tells the story of a group of elite bank robbers who are chased by an FBI agent (Christopher Meloni) who is not willing to give up until he gets his prey. Problem is his prey may just be the owner of a bank (Bruce Willis) that was recently robbed. Or is it?

‘Marauders‘ is due for release in theaters and On Demand July 1. All I can say is it’s a must watch for me, especially as much of it was filmed in Cincinnati where I used to live. How about you?

Michelle Topham