Watch Max Giesinger perform ‘Roulette’ live at Stadtpark Hamburg

Watch Max Giesinger perform ‘Roulette’ live in Hamburg

One of the best albums I bought last year was German singer songwriter Max Giesinger‘s sophomore album Der Junge, der rennt (The Boy Who Runs) released in 2016.

Today, Giesinger uploaded a music video to his YouTube channel of a live version of ‘Roulette‘ , one of the songs from the album. The performance is from a concert he gave last year at Stadtpark Hamburg and it shows, yet again, what a good concert he gives and how well worth going to see him it is.

The video is also to promote his recently released Der Junge, der rennt Live albumwhich you can listen to and buy from these links.

Watch his Hamburg performance below.

Michelle Topham

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