Watch Michelle Obama’s Carpool with James Corden — She’s Fabulous (Video)

michelle obama carpool

And this video is going up on Leo Sigh for no other reason than that it’s First Lady Michelle Obama‘s carpool with James Corden and, as usual, she is absolutely fabulous.

Of course, this was a bit of a different carpool, as you don’t just get to drive Michelle Obama around the streets of Washington DC (security, you know). But Corden did get to drive the First Lady around the grounds of the White House.

And sing to songs from Stevie Wonder and Beyonce, and meet Missy Elliott, who also jumped into the car mid-drive to sing ‘This Is For My Girls‘ (recorded for Michelle’s new Let Girls Learn initiative).


Michelle also talked about Let Girls Learn – which is an effort to try to get more girls in school around the world, and why she is on Snapchat promoting it.

Watch Michelle Obama’s carpool with James Corden below. Now can’t you tell just why Barack Obama loves her so much. Come on, she’s smart, she’s kind, happy, she’s positive, she smiles all the time and, yep, she can rap.

Really, that was the best carpool ever.


Michelle Topham