Watch MØ’s Amazing Cover of Rihanna’s ‘Love On The Brain’ in the BBC Live Lounge


Danish singer MØ has been getting a huge amount of attention since her debut album No Mythologies To Follow released in 2014. Because not only does this amazingly talented singer put out some unique music but, man, can she sing.

Case in point, watch MØ singing a cover of Rihanna’s ‘Love On The Brain‘ at the BBC Live Lounge recently.

Because that version of the song, in my mind, is even better than Rihanna’s, as it’s how she rasps her way through the song, how her voice slightly breaks on some of the higher notes, and how dramatic she is when singing that adds such emotion to this.

MØ has a second studio album releasing some time soon. And, all I can say is, if her ‘Love On The Brain‘ is an indication of the gorgeous songs we can expect, I’m pre-ordering it the minute I get a chance.

Watch MØ in the BBC Live Lounge with ‘Love On The Brain‘ in the video below. Gorgeous.