Watch Poldark Series 3 Teaser Trailer — Lots of Brooding, Sad Faces


The BBC has just released the Poldark series 3 teaser trailer, and it’s 31 seconds of pure silence as far as dialogue goes. Just melodramatic music, and lots of brooding, sad faces.


The Poldark series 3 teaser trailer features characters we already know —  Ross Poldark (Aidan Turner), Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson), Elizabeth (Heida Reed) and George (Jack Farthing).

But there are also characters we have not seen before. Demelza’s brothers, Drake and Joel, Morwenna, the new governess for the Trenwiths, and Hugh Armitage, who will soon cause problems between Demelza and Ross. God, how can you even stand the wait until series 3 begins?

Sadly, Poldark series 3 doesn’t kick off until next year, and this 31-second silent teaser is all we have to tide us over until it does. So…enjoy.

Michelle Topham