Watch Quill18’s ‘Surviving Mars: A Guide for Beginners’ to learn how to play the game well

Watch Quill18’s ‘Surviving Mars: A Guide for Beginners‘ 

The Swedish video game developer Paradox Interactive is not exactly known for their tutorials when it comes to the strategy and simulation games they design. Sometimes they don’t have them at all, and you have to figure out how to play the game yourself. Or they do have short tutorials but they don’t always explain every aspect of gameplay you need to know to be able to play well.

That is why, before I buy any new Paradox game, I usually watch a YouTuber’s tutorial video so I can understand how to play that $50 game I’m about to buy. Games like Surviving Mars, Paradox’s new simulation game due to be released on March 15th.

And a game the superb YouTube and Twitch gamer Quill18 is publishing an entire Surviving Mars: A Guide for Complete Beginners tutorial series for, with one video already uploaded and the other four in the series coming soon.

The Quill18 Surviving Mars: A Guide for Beginners series is sponsored by Paradox themselves, which means they have the ultimate confidence in his abilities to explain how to play their game.

The first video already published in the five-video series goes through the basic set up of the game.

In it, Quill18 explains why you should choose the New Game option rather than the Easy Start option, even though they both technically give you the same features.

He also tells you what all the information on the first screen means. For instance, who you choose to sponsor your mission has an impact on the difficulty of the game, as well as how much money you get and how much free research you get from them.

Walking you through choosing your Commander Profile is his next step, along with what your initial shuttle contents will be, how to read and interact with the map grid, what the camera controls look like, how to do research and how to land your shuttle.

All things that are very important if you want to be able to play the game well, and not feel like a complete loser before you even start.

As for the other four videos in his Surviving Mars: A Guide for Beginners series?

They include information which, as you can see below, means you get a pretty good in-depth tutorial for Surviving Mars, and one that should mean you won’t want to pound your screen to death because you have no idea what you are doing or why. (Which, let me just say, has definitely been me in a few of the earlier Paradox Interactive games).

The five videos in his series will explain all of this:

PART 1: Game setup. Sponsors, backgrounds, initial shuttle contents, reading and interacting with the map grid, basic camera controls, research, and landing your shuttle.

PART 2: Initial building construction, including: concrete, power, water, and oxygen. How to use the RC Explorer, RC Transport, and RC Rover.

PART 3: The first dome & first citizens (and a Martian-born baby!)

PART 4: More dome services as well as Martian resource production (Machine Parts), plus expanding to a secondary area (and learning about Tunnels and Shuttle Hubs).

PART 5: Building a second dome, and achieving a fully self-sustaining Mars colony (by producing all types of goods).

Watch the first in Quill18’s Surviving Mars: A Guide for Beginners video series below. He will be uploading the other four in the series over the next few days, and you will find those on his YouTube channel then.

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