Watch ‘Revolting Rhymes: Little Red Riding Hood’ Trailer — Cute and Creepy (Video)


The BBC has a cute and quintessentially weirdly British series airing over the Christmas season, and it looks like it is going to be incredibly fun.

Called ‘Revolting Rhymes: Little Red Riding Hood‘, it is an animated series of the classic rhymes written by Roald Dahl and illustrated by Quentin Blake. Perfect for children too. Unless they scare easily, that is.


The first part of the two-part ‘Revolting Rhymes‘ series features Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White. With Red having to deal with the Big Bad Wolf, while Snow White has the Wicked Queen to contend with.

Revolting Rhymes‘ Part One airs on Boxing Day at 6:30 pm on BBC One. Watch the trailer below. It is very cute.

Michelle Topham