Watch Rose McGowan’s ‘RM486’ Video – It’s Beautiful

rose mcgowan rm486

Known as an actress more than anything else, Rose McGowan isn’t usually known for creating music. That, I think, is about to change as McGowan has just released the most mesmerizing video for her brand new song ‘RM486‘. A song that was recorded in collaboration with French electro band Punishment, and a video that was designed by McGowan with Jonas Åkerlund and B. Åkerlund.

In the video, McGowan starts off covered in layers of plaster, which she quickly removes to show herself underneath, bald head, her entire body covered in white make-up and looking more than just a little bit ‘alien’.

McGowan’s initial appearance is then interspersed with other clips — McGowan as a sort of horrific Spanish madre wearing a long black mantilla, white paint and glitter; the woman covered in heavy crosses complete with crucifying Jesus; the green chest pieced and green wigged woman with her mouth slashed and bleeding; McGowan with her nose, lips and chin sporting hugely ornamented tribal-like piercings, and a second almost alien incarnation but this time covered in dark red glitter or wearing a red skull mask.

As McGowan tells Rolling Stone, each of the incarnations mirror certain aspects of her life.

As for the song ‘RM486′ itself. McGowan says it’s a play on the name of the abortion drug RU-486, with McGowan’s initials substituted for the drug’s initials. As McGowan says, it’s pretty “timely” right now, with the Republican Party doing their damndest to defund Planned Parenthood.

And, finally, I loved this quote from Rose McGowan about the song ‘RM486′, and about what she wanted people to take away from it.

I just want people to take away freedom. That you can be free. You can do anything you want, you can create anything you want, you can be anything you want, and it’s completely okay and better to be different, in fact. I think if we’re just 10 percent more artistic in our lives, great things can happen. That’s all!

Because I agree with her. Being ‘different’ is not only okay, it’s what everyone should be striving for as, honestly, why would you want to be the same as everyone else?


Now watch Rose McGowan’s video for ‘RM486‘ below. I think it’s beautiful.

Michelle Topham

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