Watch Ryan Adams Kick Ass with ‘Welcome to New York’ on Jimmy Kimmel (Video)

ryan adams welcome to new york jimmy kimmel

Ryan Adams gave a kick ass performance of ‘Welcome to New York‘ on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. ‘Welcome to New York‘, of course, is a track from Taylor Swift’s smash hit album 1989. An album Ryan Adams has also released, doing his own cover versions of each song.

The song is the album’s lead track and, if his reception on the show, the reviews he got after he was done, and the massive sales his version of 1989 are anything to go by, Adams choosing to cover Swift’s 1989 as his next album release may just be the best decision of his career so far.

And, of course, as Jimmy Kimmel Live is coming from New York this week, Adams couldn’t have chosen a better song to sing.

Watch him below.

Michelle Topham

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