Watch Shaun The Sheep’s ‘The Farmer’s Llamas’ Trailer — So Cute and Funny

the farmer's llamas shaun the sheep bbc one

If you are as big of a Shaun The Sheep fan as I am, you are probably desperately waiting for the ‘The Farmer’s Llamas‘, a new half-hour Sean The Sheep TV movie airing on BBC One on Boxing Day.

If so, you must watch ‘The Farmer’s Llamas‘ trailer, released this week by the BBC, which shows over two minutes of footage from the show, as it looks like we are up for a treat. Because this is cute and funny.

In ‘The Farmer’s Llamas‘, Shaun persuades the farmer to buy three llamas — Hector, Fernando and Raul — that are going up for sale at the local cattle auction.

But, in typical Shaun the Sheep style, when the llamas get back to the farm trouble probably isn’t far behind, as they don’t seem to be the most trustworthy bunch.

Soon Shaun will be doing everything he can to get rid of them.

Watch the trailer below (and isn’t that Aardman animation amazing?). The film itself will air on  December 26th at 6:10pm on BBC One.

Remember too, if you are not in the UK, you can still watch ‘The Farmer’s Llamas‘ on the BBC iPlayer a few hours after it airs. You will just have to access the BBC website via VPN to do so.