Watch Sia Perform ‘Bird Set Free’ on The Ellen Show — Nothing New Here

sia bird set free on the ellen show

Australian singer Sia was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show¬†this week where she gave a live performance of ‘Bird Set Free‘, a song from her new album This Is Acting.

Sadly, though, Sia chose to give the same style of performance she’s been giving forever — her in the corner hiding behind a gigantic wig singing, and a dancer in a similar black and white wig (this time not Maddie Ziegler, but a man) gyrating in dance around her as she sings. The same style of dance, I might add, that Maddie is known for.

And, sure, Sia’s vocal performance on ‘Bird Set Free‘ is as spectacular as always, and the song is pretty enough. I just think it’s time for a completely new stage routine for upcoming songs, as this was a variation on a theme of the same one we’ve been seeing now for the last two or three years.

You, of course, might feel differently.

Watch Sia on Ellen below.


Michelle Topham