Watch ‘The Great Christmas Bake Off’ Trailer, A Bitter-Sweet 2-Part Special (Video)


The Great Christmas Bake Off‘ trailer has just been released and, if you are as excited about this two-part Christmas special as I am, you probably cannot wait to see it.

That is because this year’s ‘The Great Christmas Bake Off‘ features some of the awesome bakers from past series. In part one, we will get to see  Mary-Anne from Series 2, Ali from Series 4, Cathryn from Series 3 and Norman from Series 5.

In episode 2, the bakers will be Chetna from Series 5, Howard from Series 4, James M from Series 3 and Janet from Series 2.

Each baker has to participate in three holiday challenges — two different festive challenges and a final showstopper. Some will do brilliantly, while others not so much.

And, while ‘The Great Christmas Bake Off‘ is going to be wonderful, it is also a bitter-sweet occasion as this is the last time we will ever get to see Paul, Mary, Sue and Mel together in the Bake Off tent.

That’s because its parent show ‘The Great British Bake Off’ has had its last episode aired on the BBC. Future episodes will air on Channel 4, and will only include Paul Hollywood, as the other three presenters decided to leave the show when the channel change was announced.

The Great Christmas Bake Off‘ airs on Christmas Day (4.45pm) and Boxing Day (7pm), BBC1. Meanwhile, watch the official trailer for the show below. Yes, as always, it looks wonderful.

Michelle Topham