Watch the ‘Haimrik’ trailer from Columbian developer Below The Game –it’s gorgeous

Watch the gorgeous ‘Haimrik‘ trailer

Haimrik’, the new single-player action adventure game from Columbian indie video game developer Below The Game, has a new trailer out and, as much as I am not a puzzle platformer fan, I have to say the gorgeous artwork in ‘Haimrik‘ was enough to grab me and pull me in.

Haimrik‘ itself tells the story of a scribe who is struggling to make a living when a book he comes across changes his life.

That’s because the book sends him off on an adventure to conquer the evil king and his Word Warriors. Along the way, Haimrik will have to activate certain words himself by stepping on them, so they can be used as weapons to fight the Word Warriors.

Watch the ‘Haimrik‘ trailer below to check out that beautiful sepia artwork.

The game itself was released on June 6th, and you can currently pick it up DRM-free on GOG for a 15 percent discount until June 26th.

Michelle Topham


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