Watch the New The Boxtrolls Trailer: Winnie Takes Charge (Video)

the boxtrolls winnie takes charge


‘Winnie Takes Charge’ the latest trailer for The Boxtrolls is out, and I’m sharing it with you as, from what I understand, this is going to be a wonderful movie not just for kids, but for adults as well, In fact, it’s my most anticipated movie this year (yep, I’m a big kid at heart).

It is, of course, based on the children’t book¬†Here Be Monsters‘ by Alan Snow and is a stop-motion movie in the same vein as the ever popular Wallace and Gromit. That’s however, where the similarities end, as The Boxtrolls is quite a bit darker and more disturbing.¬†

The Boxtrolls are creatures who live underneath cities – in the dark and damp and away from human eyes. While city dwellers think they are ‘child stealers’, in reality the Boxtrolls do nothing more than get on with their lives and hope they’re not disturbed.

In the city of Cheesebridge, however, they are raising an abandoned human child called Eggs but, when an evil exterminator decides he’s going to rid the city of all the Boxtrolls, it’s Eggs turn to spring into action to help. With the help of his new human friend Winnie, he’s hoping to save the day but….she’s more than just a little bossy.

Check out the new and very charming The Boxtrolls trailer below. Doesn’t that look adorable?