Watch the ‘To Walk Invisible’ Trailer — The Sally Wainwright Brontë Sisters Drama Should Be Superb


If there was ever a good time to watch BBC One over Christmas it’s this year, as the two-hour Sally Wainwright period drama ‘To Walk Invisible‘ airs.

The stand-alone drama tells the story of the Brontë sisters. Charlotte, Emily and Anne. The sisters who, against all that was expected of them or not expected of them as women in nineteenth-century northern England, wrote some of the most famous novels in the English language. Despite a life of hardship.


‘To Walk Invisible‘ tells the story of the Brontë sisters and how they struggled to become published writers as their father’s blindness became worse, and their brother Bramwell’s physical and mental health deteriorated.

To Walk Invisible‘ airs on BBC One on December 29th at 9pm. Watch the trailer below.