Watch Tinashe Show You How to Do Neutral Smoky Eyes (Video)

tinashe make up smoky eye

Singer songwriter Tinashe is known for her great voice, her acting and dancing skills and, of course, for how pretty she is. A woman who doesn’t usually wear a huge amount of make-up and, what make-up she does wear, just accentuates her natural beauty and makes her look even lovelier.

So it’s no surprise Tinashe has just done a how to do neutral smoky eyes — pretty eye make-up that still looks natural and not ‘too much’.

And she’s done it using her own nine-color eye shadow palette that she created herself for MAC. Sadly, however, I don’t recommend you use MAC products as they still test on animals — but you can use a similar cruelty-free palette to get the same effect.

Watch Tinashe’s neutral smoky eyes tutorial video below. Cute, isn’t she?


Michelle Topham