Watch Tove Lo’s ‘Thousand Miles’ Live, It’s Sad, Painful and Beautiful

tove lo thousand miles live

Tove Lo has just released a beautifully introduced video on her YouTube VEVO channel. It’s the live version of Lo’s ‘Thousand Miles‘, but it’s a version she introduces by talking about the pain artists feel because of the life they live causing them to often be so far away from the people they love.

“This is my dream”, Tove says. “I’m in my dream right now. The only downside with this life is that you are apart from the people that you love. And love being the way love is, when it’s strong, is that you are really affected by the person that you love.”

She then goes on to say the person she loves is going through a really hard time right now, but that she can’t be with them because so is she.

Because “I guess we are both the reason why the other person is going through this”.

Tove Lo’s ‘Thousand Miles‘ is the embodiment of this feeling. And the live version of it that she released this week is from Tove’s recent ‘Queen of the Clouds’ tour, which was a sold-out showcase for her debut album of the same name.

Watch it below. And try not to cry along with her.

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