Watch Wallander: Series 4, Episode 3 Trailer — The Final Episode

wallander bbc series 4 episode 3 trailer

It’s the last ever episode of the BBC TV series Wallander on June 5th. An episode that is likely to leave a lot of sadness with fans of the series as, not only will it be over, but the last we will see of Wallander will be him struggling to solve his final case while also having to deal with the advancement of his father’s Alzheimer’s.

The BBC has just released the Series 4, Episode 3 ‘Wallander‘ trailer and, no, it certainly does not look as though this much-loved series is going to end on a happy note.

Then again, it’s based on the Swedish series, and the Swedes are famous for their somberness and high levels of depression. So a happy ending may be a bit much to ask for?


Watch the trailer for the final episode of ‘Wallander‘ below, and then, speaking of depressing, mourn with me that we will no longer be able to watch the brilliant Kenneth Branagh in this amazing series.

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Michelle Topham