Watch ‘We Are Still Here’ Movie Trailer If You Like Scary, Bloody Horrorfests



Weirdly to me, as this movie looks low-budget beyond belief and with some pretty obvious special effects, but horror movie ‘We Are Still Here’ is actually getting some very good reviews.


The film is being praised for its atmosphere, unpredictable story and for some pretty good scares (and a lot of blood) so, if you like horror movies, you may want to give ‘We Are Still Here‘ a shot. Or at least watch the trailer.

As for the storyline, yes, it’s definitely clichéd, as it tells the story of a couple that move to a house in the New England countryside. A house that is not only haunted, but still occupied by the original family that had it built over a hundred years ago. Critics say, however, the way the subject matter is dealt with is far from clichéd, with so many twists you’ll finally give up even trying to guess what’s going to happen next.

We Are Still Here‘ is the first film to be directed and written by Ted Geoghegan, and stars scream queen Barbara Crampton. Former model Lisa Marie also features in it, along with director Larry Fessenden in one of his occasional movie roles.

Watch the trailer for ‘We Are Still Here’ for a taste of what’s in store. And, yes, it does sound like this one may be worth watching.

We Are Still Here‘ opened this weekend in select movie theaters around the US, and is also available on Video on Demand if you prefer to be a couch potato.