Weathering With You box office receipts surpass Your Name in Japan, full release in west in 2020

Things are boding well for the success of Weathering With You (Tenki no Ko), Makoto Shinkai’s latest film, and his first film since Your Name (Kimi no Na Wa).

After all, it was released in Japan this weekend and, after just three days, Weathering With You box office receipts have already surpassed 1.64 billion yen (approximately $15.22 million).

That 3-day opening makes Weathering With You even more successful on its opening weekend than Your Name, as that film earned 1.28 billion yen (approximately $12.51 million) during the same time period when it was released.

However, due to the massive success of Your Name in 2016, Weathering With You has been released on more screens in Japan, which definitely explains some of its increased popularity.

Now let’s just see if the film can beat Your Name’s ultimate success in becoming the highest grossing anime movie of all-time, with international box office receipts of over $358 million.

When will Weathering With You be released in your country?

Although Weathering With You is only currently playing in Japan, it is due to have a small release some time this year in a number of other countries, with a large worldwide one in 2020.

The official dates, however, have not yet been announced, but it will eventually be playing in 140 countries.

The next countries Weathering With You will be released in include Hong Kong on August 8th, Indonesia on August 21st, Vietnam on August 30th and Singapore on September 12th.

Weathering With You box office receipts are expected to be high in these countries as well.

Sadly, most people in most cities in English-speaking countries, however, will not get a chance to check it out until sometime in 2020.

Meanwhile, as the film continues to break records in Japan, watch the Weathering With You trailer in the video below.

You can also hear the full Weathering With You soundtrack in the Spotify widget below.

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