Wesley Snipes Likes Conchita Wurst: Calls Her ‘an Icon’

copyright Nicolas Genin, Creative Commons License

Sometimes I think I should just turn this site into an “I Adore Conchita Wurst” site, as I write about her more than any other celebrity (She’s lovely. Why wouldn’t I?). But, it seems there are other people who might like Conchita Wurst almost as much as I do, and one of them, who recently said he does, might be more than a little surprising.

That’s because American actor Wesley Snipes just admitted he likes Conchita Wurst.

In an interview about his new movie The Expendables 3 with Ö3 radio this week, when realizing the interviewer was from Austria, both Wesley Snipes and his co-star Kellen Latz immediately brought up Conchita Wurst.

“I can’t pronounce …(her last name) — Conchita Sausage”. He then went on to say “Conchita Wurst is known all around the world. She’s an icon. One day I look forward to meeting her”.

So, not only does Wesley Snipes like Conchita Wurst, he already knew about her, seemed to be more interested in talking about her than about The Expendables 3, the movie he’d just worked on, and………. also called her an icon.

Sorry Conchita. As much as you don’t like being called an icon, guess what? When Wesley Snipes calls you one, you just are.

Meanwhile, for everyone else, you can hear the very short interview snipped from Ö3 radio here. The printed story itself, however, is in German. (Google Translate is a big help).