What are Jason Ritter’s Favorite YouTube Videos?

jason ritter favorite youtube videos conan

Conan O’Brien is doing a new segment on his late night TV show where he asks guests which YouTube videos they like the best. This week it was actor Jason Ritter’s turn (and geez, doesn’t he look like his dad, John Ritter?), and, while it looks like he hasn’t watched anything on YouTube in any eight years, he did pick out some good ones.

His first was that classic Cibo Matto video ‘Sugar Water‘. You know, the one where the two Japanese women from the band are in split screen videos getting showered, dressed and ready and heading outside, only to meet each other half way and then each do what they just did backwards> It’s a cool video, a fabulous song, and you can watch it below.


The next one is by a kid who goes by the name of Dax Flame, and who used to do a series of daily vlogs. The one Jason Ritter likes is his ‘Superman is Coming To School’ video, where he’s talking about dressing up as Superman for ‘Celebrity Day’.

Followed by his ‘Humiliation‘ video, where he confesses he went to school as Superman, only realizing when he got there that ‘Celebrity Day’ was the following Friday — hence the humiliation.

Don’t feel too bad for him, though. He ended up getting cast in a couple of TV shows because of his YouTube videos.

The next video is that fabulous 3-year old girl talking about what she’s going to do if a monster comes into her house. I dare you not to laugh, and then say “Awwwww”.

Watch Jason Ritter on ‘Conan‘ this week in the video below to find out what his last two favorite YouTube videos are and then, of course, find them on YouTube.

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