What Does Victoria Beckham Have In Her Bag? (Video)


I love videos where a celebrity shows what they carry around in their bag. After all, just little things in their bag can tell you quite a lot about them and what they value.

Case in point, a new video from British Vogue where we get to learn what English fashion designer and singer Victoria Beckham has in her bag. A bag that, I have to say, is a heckuva lot tidier than mine.

So what does Victoria Beckham have in her bag?

A crystal (she believes in creative visualization), her phone, of course, with all her photographs on it of her husband, David Beckham, family and kids, her make-up, her fragrance and more.

Watch the video below to find out what else she carries around with her. And to find out who she would trade bags with for a day if she could (okay, I will tell you this one — Hillary Clinton).

Michelle Topham