What Happened on Doctor Who Series 9? Jake Yapp Tells You in 325 Seconds (Video)

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Late last month, I sat through all nine series of ‘Doctor Who‘ as I had never actually seen the entire series all the way through before. By the time I got to the end of series 9, however, I was feeling a little confused. After all, with ‘Doctor Who‘ being so fast-paced, and so many mind-boggling, time-twisting, plain weird things happening, it is always a bit difficult to keep track.

What happened on ‘Doctor Who‘ series 9, for instance? A series I only finished watching the day after Christmas. Frankly, with so much ‘Doctor Who‘ trivia now jammed into my head, I doubt I could remember more than a couple of tidbits.


Which is why this video of British comedian Jake Yapp talking about exactly what happened on ‘Doctor Who‘ series 9 is brilliant. Especially as he is so funny when he’s doing it.

Can’t remember how Davros was reintroduced into the series? Yapp will tell you. Why was Clara inside a Dalek, and who persuades her to get in there? Why did the Vikings suddenly make an appearance on ‘Doctor Who‘, and where did Ashildr come from? How did the series 9 finale end? Yapp knows the answers to those questions too.

For a 325 second rundown of exactly what happened in ‘Doctor Who’ series 9, watch the video below. Now can you remember all that?

Michelle Topham