What Happens at a Royal Garden Party? (Video)


Unless you have done something special to warrant an invitation to a Royal garden party from Queen Elizabeth, it is unlikely you know much about them.

What time is a Royal garden party held? What happens at a Royal garden party? Who attends? And how many Royal garden parties are held at Buckingham Palace every year?


Most of your questions can probably be answered in this short video from The Royal Channel.

You’ll find out which members of the Royal family attend a garden party, how often the younger members of the Royal family go and, if you are ever invited to one what you can expect to happen there.

Personally, I found it fascinating.

For more information about attending a Royal garden party, just in case you ever get an invite, you can also check out the website of the British Monarchy, where they walk you through a typical event.

Lovely, isn’t it?



Michelle Topham