What Has Kanye West Taught Kim Kardashian? (Video)

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There’s a cute video just gone up on YouTube of Kim Kardashian answering five questions during her photoshoot for Paper magazine recently. In it, Kim talks about her middle name once being incorrect on Wikipedia, how she loves Tumblrs,¬†especially fashion Tumblrs,¬†and the strangest thing she’s ever read about herself online.

Kim also touches on some of the things Kanye West has taught her during the years of their relationship and, of course, what she has taught him. You might be surprised.

One thing I really loved about the video, and why I decided to share it, is Kim Kardashian comes off as being nice, sweet and, honestly, completely normal (plus stunningly gorgeous!). Things I’ve always thought she was anyway.

Watch Kim Kardashian talking about what Kanye West has taught her, and more, in the video below. Thanks, Paper.


Michelle Topham