What is Daniel Radcliffe Really Like? Jemima Rooper Tells All (Video)

daniel radcliffe what if

If you’ve ever wondered what British actor Daniel Radcliffe is really like, you might want to listen to Jemima Rooper. She just starred with him in ‘What If‘ (formerly titled The F Word), and has been spilling the beans about the Harry Potter star.


According to Jemima, Daniel is the “loveliest, friendliest, most down-to-earth and, I do not understand how, man I’ve ever met”.

Jemima then went on to say, “He’s a delight in every way, on set and off set. A really cool guy. In fact, I can’t say nicer things about him.”

Isn’t that fabulous? One of the world’s most famous actors, and one who has been in the limelight since a child, but still down-to-earth and lovely.

For more on what Jemima Rooper says about Daniel Radcliffe, watch the ODE video below.

Michelle Topham