What is Gameplay Like in ‘Splatoon 2’? These Quick Test Fire Videos Will Show You

The third person shooter Splatoon 2 will release some time in Q2 or Q3. The game will be an exclusive for the Nintendo Switch, and is one of the most anticipated of the exclusives so far.

Meanwhile, a limited-time global multiplayer demo for the game was made available to play in March, in an effort for Nintendo to test its global servers, and so gamers can see what gameplay is like in ‘Splatoon 2′.

From one of these demos, or test fires, IGN has put together a few short videos showing Splatoon 2 gameplay on the Musselforge Fitness map.

And, while the game isn’t my cup of tea, all signs point to Splatoon 2 being a massive best seller for the Nintendo Switch when it does finally release.


Plus, couldn’t you just see this game being a huge success as an esport?

Watch IGN’s videos below to see why.

Michelle Topham


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