What is Phantom Dust and why is it free on PC and Xbox One starting today? (video)

What is Phantom Dust and why is it free on PC and Xbox One today?

Oh God, I’m in trouble.

That’s because the amazing 2004 cult classic Xbox action/strategy/collectible card game Phantom Dust is free on PC and Xbox One starting today.


According to Aaron Greenberg, the head of marketing at Xbox Games, Phantom Dust has been re-mastered with an update so it supports widescreen and 1080p resolution, as well as offers some excellent frame rates.

Phantom Dust also has adjustments that change how the player progresses in single-player. And, instead of charging for the game as they had originally intended, however, Microsoft has decided to offer all of this to fans for free.

Free meaning it is a free-to-play game, so there are in-game transactions for those wanting to enhance their game in multiplayer, but…you do not have to buy them as you can still enjoy the game for as long as you want — including multiplayer — without.

Greenberg also said the game will be “forever free”.

Well I know what I’ll be playing most of the rest of the week. How about you?

And, if you’re wondering “What is Phantom Dust?”, here’s a quick explanation from Microsoft Creative Director Adam Isgreen. I promise you, though, you’ll love it.



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