What song plays on Tale of the Nine-Tailed, Ep 9 as Yeon and Ji Ah are reunited and kiss?

One of the many delights of the Korean fantasy drama Tale of the Nine-Tailed has been the music on its soundtrack.

Gorgeous music like the song played on Tale of the Nine-Tailed, Episode 9 as Yeon and Ji Ah are reunited as they meet at the crosswalk, she rushes to him and they kiss.

That song is called ‘Leaning on You’ by Sung Si Kyung, and was written and recorded especially for the hit drama.

It is a love ballad that features a lovely accordion intro, but it is Sung Si Kyung’s beautiful voice that makes the track so heart grabbing, and the lyrics that are so perfect for that scene between Yeon and Ji Ah:

I keep tilting without knowing
Toward you
As I walk with the sweet breeze blowing
I was thinking about you the entire time on my way back home

The bright moon made me happy
So I am feeling the perfect amount of drunkenness tonight
I liked how my heart was swaying toward you
So I kept toying with my phone multiple times

‘Leaning on You’ by Sung Si Kyung was released as part of the Tale of the Nine-Tailed soundtrack Part 5.

It is one of a slew of other songs Sung Si Kyung has recorded for hit Korean dramas, including My Love from the Star, Secret Garden, You Are My Destiny and The Legend of the Blue Sea.

Listen to ‘Leaning on You’ by Sung Si Kyung as played on Tale of the Nine-Tailed, Episode 9 on the drama’s soundtrack below (it also includes a beautiful instrumental version of the song), and in the song’s official music video.

A video that features scenes of Yeon and Ji Ah falling in love.

Meanwhile, while Tale of the Nine-Tailed (aka 비스듬히 너에게 in Korean) is already one of the most popular dramas of the last few years, it is about to get even more popular next month when its sequel Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938 finally premieres.

You can currently watch the first season of Tale of the Nine-Tailed, and relive that touching kissing scene again, on Viki.


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