What Will Bloodborne Day 1 Patch Include? Nothing Earth Shattering

Let’s face it, if you buy a new game and it doesn’t have a day one patch, It’s unusual. (Have to wonder about game developers sometimes. Only in gaming is it acceptable to sell an unfinished product that you already know has something wrong with it. Something that could even be a game breaker.) From Software’s Bloodborne, of course, won’t be any different as a Bloodborne day one patch has already been announced, even before the game has been released.

So, what will the Bloodborne day one patch include? Honestly, nothing earth shattering, just a pretty standard patch, with the online functionality being the main thing it’s adding. Which is to be expected.

Bloodborne Version 1.01

– Add online functionality
– Game performance and stability improvements
– Bug fixes

Expect more to be added as they figure out what else is broken once people actually start playing it.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t yet seen much about Bloodborne, here’s the new ‘Cut You Down’ trailer from PlayStation, so you’ll get a good idea. Looks cool to me.

Michelle Topham