When do Hirotaka and Narumi first kiss in Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku? Who kisses who?

While the characters in the comedy anime Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku do not act in a romantic way with each other most of the time, the two main protagonists Hirotaka and Narumi are dating each other.

They are just not a couple that is lovey-dovey, or particularly overt with their affections.

That is why, when Hirotaka and Narumi kiss for the first time, it isn’t the romantic, overly emotional scene you might expect.


If you didn’t know their personalities, of course.

So when do Hirotaka and Narumi first kiss in Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku, and who kisses who?

When do Hirotaka and Narumi first kiss?

I must admit, I was surprised when the couple first kissed, as it wasn’t too long into the anime series, and it wasn’t especially expected.

That is because Hirotaka and Narumi’s first kiss took place in Episode 3, and in a situation where the couple were discussing something that wasn’t that romantic.

The kiss took place in Hirotaka’s bedroom as their friends, Koyanagi and Kabakura, are in the living room having a sleepover.


Hirotaka and Narumi are talking about when they first became friends in elementary school, but Narumi cannot remember what sparked the friendship.



Hirotaka then reminds her they exchanged character pencils, because she liked the ones he had, so she asked him to exchange them for hers.

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After he reminds her of it, Narumi tells him to punch her as a punishment for not remembering.

Instead, Hirotaka leans in and kisses her.

Surprised, as she had expected their first kiss to happen earlier in the evening but it didn’t, Narumi headbutts him and yells “Unfair attack”, and the two then roll around on the bed in pain.

Yep, that was Hirotaka and Narumi’s first kiss and, as you would expect, the only thing romantic about it was in Hirotaka’s head, while Narumi had her usual panic attack.

Don’t you just love this fantastic couple? 🙂

You can watch that kiss, and the rest of Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku on Amazon Prime Video.

Michelle Topham