Where Does True Blood’s Costume Designer Buy the Show’s Amazing Clothing? (Video)

true blood costumes and jewelry designer


If you’ve ever wondered where a television costume designer gets all the amazing clothes you see on many American TV shows then this Hollywood Reporter video is for you. In it, Audrey Fisher, costume designer for True Blood, shows off her favorite stores on Melrose Avenue, all places where True Blood clothing is bought  — from Maya, where she buys much of the jewelry for the show, to Scout LA for vintage clothing.

Audrey shops for specific True Blood characters at specific stores, depending on the types of clothing and accessories they wear. So at Maya for jewelry for characters like Lafayette Reynolds, and at stores like Scout LA for vintage dresses, shirts, suits or shoes for Sookie Stackhouse or Bill Compton.


She also buys fabric at International Silk and Woolens (ISW), which, by the way, I can guarantee is incredible as I’ve bought fabric there myself. That’s because many of the costumes for True Blood are designed and made on the lot, rather than purchased off the rack.

Watch Audrey Fisher show off her favorite LA stores for True Blood clothing in the video below, so that the next time you’re in town, you can check them out too.

Michelle Topham