Which Celebrities Guest Starred on ‘Gilmore Girls’? Check Out These Stars

riki lindhome gilmore girls

With the successful and hugely popular Gilmore Girls coming back to Netflix soon, more and more articles and videos looking at the original series of Gilmore Girls are being published. But one video grabbed my attention today, because it’s called ‘35 Celebrities You Forgot Were on Gilmore Girls‘. And, when I started to think about the celebrities I knew that guest starred on the show, I honestly couldn’t think of more than a few.


So which celebrities you may have forgotten about did guest star on Gilmore Girls?

Notable ones for me are John Hamm, Adam Brody, Madchen Amick, Monique Coleman, Jane Lynch, Riki Lindhome, Madeline Albright, Ben Falcone and Nick Offerman.

Watch the video below to see other celebrities that appeared on Gilmore Girls you may have forgotten about. It’s kinda cool to see some of the iconic show’s scenes too.


Michelle Topham