Which Celebrity Throwbacks are Graham Norton’s Funniest?

Graham Norton is not only the world’s best talk show host, he also has some of the funniest guests on his show.

But what makes Norton’s show especially funny is when he shows photographs of his celebrity guests. Photographs they had taken years ago, and probably wish would never see the light of day again.

Sadly for them, but great for us, these celebrity throwbacks keep popping up again, even years after the guest has been on Graham Norton’s show.


Take Norton’s latest YouTube video, for instance. A compilation of funny celebrity throwbacks from the last few years of his shows that, even if you have already seen them, you will still die laughing when you watch them again.

So which celebrity throwbacks are Graham Norton’s funniest?

How about David Beckham’s terrible choice in hairstyles?

Or Ant and Dec’s truly awful magazine covers?

And then, of course, there’s the story Chris Pratt tells about getting his first head shots taken by a gay photographer in West Hollywood. (I vote Chris, because he’s just so fabulously self-deprecating, he is always a joy to watch).


Check out Graham Norton’s funniest celebrity throwbacks in his latest video below. They’re classic.

Michelle Topham


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