Which is the best Civilization VI: Rise and Fall expansion playthrough? Quill18’s, of course

Who is doing the best Civilization VI: Rise and Fall expansion full build gameplay at the moment? My money is on the awesome Canadian YouTuber Quill18, who was one of the first people to get the full build of the expansion, and immediately kicked off a game playing as Scotland and on Deity difficulty. Yikes!

Quill18’s Civilization VI: Rise and Fall expansion gameplay is single player, he is playing as Robert the Bruce on the Epic game speed setting, and with the Continents map type.

And what I love about watching Quill18 playing Civ 6: Rise and Fall, or any other strategy game for that matter, is he always explains what he is doing when he starts off and why, what his strategies are going to be in the game, what his research priorities are and, man, he knows his stuff.


Yes, he did do a restart during his first attempt as Scotland, as he drew one of the worst starts in the game. And yes, some gamers do think that is “cheating”. Remember, though, he is doing a playthrough for people to watch, so there really is not much point sticking with a start that is either going to mean the game ends early or it’s just a ridiculous grind to get anything done.

His re-roll, however, gave him a much better beginning with his settlement ending up on a beach, and with immediate access to wheat, rice, horses, cattle and crabs and pearls.

Just be aware, if you do decide to watch Quill 18’s Civ 6: Rise and Fall playthrough as Scotland, because he is playing on the Deity difficulty, it does eliminate quite a few of the expansion pack’s new features. Something a number of viewers are complaining about as, with a first game of the expansion, it would have made a bit more sense to play on a lesser difficulty level so those features could be shown.

That being said, Quill definitely does play a good game, and his commentary is always enlightening.

As for Civilization VI: Rise and Fall, it was released this week, adds new leaders, civilizations (Cree, Dutch, Georgian, Korean, Mongolian, Scottish, Mapuche and Zulu) and features.


Overall, the Rise and Fall expansion is getting mixed reviews, with a number of gamers saying it hasn’t really fixed the issues that were a problem to start with, and that the AI especially is still frustrating. Several are also saying the additions are decidedly “underwhelming”. Especially when the expansion price is a whopping $30, or an even more whopping €30.

I would suggest then, if you don’t have a lot of spare cash, you might want to watch a slew of Rise and Fall playthrough videos before committing that kind of money.

You can start by watching the first video in Quill 18’s Civilization VI: Rise and Fall expansion below. He currently has eight videos uploaded, which you can access one after another once on his YouTube channel.

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Michelle Topham