Which Movie Does Meryl Streep Think Has Her Worst Performance? (Video)

meryl streep worst movie performance

One of the many fabulous things about The Graham Norton Show is how he gets secrets out of his guests. One such secret came out this week when actress Meryl Streep was asked in which of her many critically-acclaimed and hugely successful films did she think she gave her worst performance?

Of course, Streep ummed and ahed for a minute, then finally confessed which movie she really felt she had not been able to “imbue the angel of inspiration”. Even though the general public loved her in it.

Watch Meryl Streep on The Graham Norton Show in the video below.


But see if you can guess which movie she didn’t really like herself in before she actually says it, as you might be quite surprised. (And, no, I got it wrong).

Michelle Topham