Which Was the First Ever Yogscast Minecraft Video?

Which was the first ever Yogscast Minecraft video and is it good?

After I wrote about the first ever The Yogscast video last week, I had a couple of people email me to talk about the first ever Yogscast Minecraft video as both were amazed at the difference in quality after watching the two videos back to back.

After all, not only do both Lewis and Simon sound completely professional in the first ever Yogscast Minecraft video than they did in the first ever video they recorded, they are a hell of a lot funnier as well.

What caught my eye when I rewatched the first Yogscast Minecraft video, though, was how much the two absolutely loved the Minecraft world.

From the minute they start to walk around and see how pretty the world all covered in snow is, to Lewis’s first encounter with a sheep and the first moment when he chops down the trunk of a tree and the leaves remain suspended in thin air — you can tell Minecraft is going to be the game that helps both members of the Yogscast hit the really really big time.


Oddly too, it’s Simon who explains everything about the game as the pair are wandering around as, in this case, it’s Lewis who’s the complete Minecraft noob and Simon who has a clue.

Watch The Yogscast’s first ever Minecraft video below. It is a fabulous blast from the past. And don’t forget to check the number of views the video has received either. As I write this it’s at 14,434,458 but that number continues to climb daily. Amazing for a video that is now almost three years old.

Michelle Topham