Who are The Doctor Who ‘Weeping Angels’ and Why Are They Dangerous? (Video)

don't blink weeping angels

If you are a Doctor Who fan, you will more than likely be very familiar with the ‘Weeping Angels’ — probably the second most popular Doctor Who monsters ever behind the Daleks. But who are the Weeping Angels, and why are they so dangerous?


According to the Doctor Who TARDIS Index Files, a new video series on the Doctor Who YouTube channel, the Weeping Angels are almost as old as the universe, and they have a defense mechanism that no other Doctor Who monster does. When anyone looks at a Weeping Angel, they immediately turn to stone, so they are impossible to kill.

The creatures first appeared in Doctor Who in the 2007 episode ‘Blink‘, which is consistently voted as one of the most popular Doctor Who episodes of all time. They reappeared in three other episodes as the main monsters — ‘The Time of Angels’ / ‘Flesh and Stone‘ (2010) and in the 2012 episode ‘The Angels Take Manhattan‘ — as well as brief appearances in several other episodes.

The Weeping Angels last appeared in the Doctor Who season 9 episode, ‘Hell Bent‘.

And their modus operandi? As their victims blink or close their eyes, the Weeping Angels move towards them faster than the blink of an eye and touch them. They are then immediately sent back somewhere into the past, where they then have to live out the rest of their life.

Oddly, though, it has never really been explained where the Weeping Angels came from originally as nobody seems to know.

Watch the Doctor Who TARDIS Index Files below to find out more about these incredibly cool predators.


Michelle Topham